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ssri_seroxat's Journal

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This is a community about SSRI. There are so many bad experiences about it what the doctors don't seem to understand! So that's why we have this community!

Here are some examples of the horrible adverse effects from SSRI drugs (Prozac and others):

- A 76 year old lady shot her husband after she had been on Prozac for a month.

- A 63 year old man on Prozac killed his wife with a knife. He then impaled himself with another knife.

- A schoolboy on Prozac shot 4 students at his school.

- A 61 year old lady who had been on Prozac for 2 weeks, attacked her 87 year old mother by biting her in the face and arms. In some places, her mothers arm was chewed to the bone.

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This community is about ANTI SSRI. So please don't be mad at people who didn't had nice experiences with this product. This is to talk about the bad experiences. Yes. A lot of people are helped with this product. Also a awfull lot of people are thrown down the river with this. Just respect each other's idea's. I don't want to have Nazi Germany as a community !!!! Don't come with things like: hé, i only have good experiences why do they write about bad experiences?? Well, That's why this is called a ANTI community ;) Please respect each others experiences, Don't be like Bush and make war with everybody you don't like! Everybody who doesn't have respect for the other will be banned

some good links: (stars are for: good site!!)
http://www.namiscc.org/Advocacy/2002/Summer/SSRI-Conference.htm **
http://www.prozactruth.com/index.html ***
http://www.prozacspotlight.org ****
http://www.breggin.com ****
en natuurlijk http://www.antidepressantsfacts.com ****