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my own story

Why a community abour SSRI? I will answer that question later. I've
been on seroxat for 9 months. I had some problems and it was a lot safer that i had some anti depressia.
Everybody helped me good. They almost told me everything and i have done a lot of research. I also went to therapy because they told me that seroxat is just to make me feel better for a moment. I had to talk about my problems.Now i don't want to take it anymore. I felt dizzy all the time. Sometimes i walked 5 metres and i had to stand still to see wich 5 metres i had to walk next.So at the moment i'm still on Seroxat but my planning to be 'normal' again next month (december). Now i can't say to somebody, yes i can come next week. I can be really sick by then. When i have time, i have to do my homework
immediately. I could be sick in the evenings. Most of the time, in the evenings i feel like throwing up. Yes, Seroxat is a person on it's own, a devil, i hate it.I write this because i hear that doctors just give seroxat to everyone who feels a little bit depressed. So here is a aspirine, next! I just want to say to people: "Don't just use Seroxat! it makes you a machine, it doesn't makes you better. You have to talk about your problems. Who wants to live like a machine? When you stopp taking it, your problems will come back, and it makes you ill. I still have depressed feelings. I'm still in therapy, The only one who can make you feel good is yourself, and not a stupid pill
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