sweetmelbel (sweetmelbel) wrote in ssri_seroxat,

I've Had It

I am so tired of this. I am so sick of trying one medication after the other and having stupid side effects to EVERYTHING. I don't understand this. My pdoc and I put me back on Celexa because I had previously been on it for a few years! Then, I decided to stop all meds.....and then I felt like I wanted to be put back on them, thus, the drama with trying these medications for my depression/racing thoughts and having nothing but bad reactions to them. I was on Celexa from the time I was 17-19 and why the FUCK is it giving me a bad reaction now?!?! It's doing the same thing the Cymbalta did. My legs are jittery and I am having intense insomnia...tonight it's real bad, it has gotten worse every day I've taken it......and yesterday was only the third day. I've been awake basically since 2 this morning and went to sleep at 11:30. Right now, at this point, I am just going to say, fuck it. I am going to stop taking the Celexa because I can't keep going like this. So, I will just try to deal with my depression, which I believe it situational...because meds is obviously not going to be the answer.
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