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cross post ahoy

i have some questions that the people on the psychology community dont seem to be able to answer. i was hoping someone on this community might be able to shed some light on my question.

i was reading about General Anxiety Disorder the other day, and the books recommend treatment with EFFEXOR (amongst other things), effexor is a (SNRI) Selective seritonin & Nor-epinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor.

anxiety has been shown to be linked with low levels of seratonin, low GABA, and high levels of nor-epinephrine.

my question to all those psycs out there is. why use a SNRI, as that would increase the levels of Nore-epinephrine, and thereby energise anxious people. wouldnt one of the other simpler SSRI's be more useful as they would only increase Seratonin?

why would you want to increase Nor-epinephrine in an anxious person?
wouldnt that make them more anxious?
or did i get something wrong? have i mis-understood something?
any advice on this topic would be appreciated.

forgive me if this question is a little complex or vague. please ask questions if anything needs clarifying.
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