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Confessions of a new member

Hello everyone, I am new here and I have this confession, plese help....

I guess I have acute cycles of depression (based from looking back on my
expereinces even before) and I am feeling kinda stressed out/depressed
lately most probably because of adjustment issues and the work environment.

The people I work with are great but I feel that I do not belong to the
mechanic field and I am starting to feel that "draging" myself routine
recently. I always stress out doing mechanic tasks even though I am trained
to do it....maybe I need a different job.

It is also kinda stressful for me adapting to the majority of the population here in WA in the USA in general and at times, I
feel like I am lost...and misplaced..which I would kinda understand is
normal coming from an immigrant background adjusting to acculturation. I
would think it's easy and done over with but it's never really over...but
rather an ongoing process.

So going to the core of it, I believe I have mild clinical depression. I
have talked to counselors and psychologists here and they said that I might
have that...and they actually suggested the medication.

Several months ago....I decided not to get medications because:

1. I don't want to be labeled as a"mental health patient" because of the
stigma attached to it....even though records are confidential.

2. I don't want to experience any adverse side effects which range from
insomia, irritability, loose bowel, dependence even suicide.

3. I decided not to take medications because I thought I could handle it on
my own by eating right, exercising, taking over the counter supplements like
Vit. B complex, St. John's Wort ( for mood enhancement), eating dark
chocolates and drinking green tea and coffee.

My own health regimen works some days and just today, I felt good after
lunch after eating almost 10 pcs. of the Hersheys dark choco with almond
and a cup of strong coffee.....I don't even feel ike I am depressed at this
moment but it is strong on some days.

It could be attributed to my lack of real friends here but I am starting to
think that maybe I need medications to get me through the depression cycle
and be able to work with lots of motivation since i have about 2 more years

Or is it just my fallen state as a human being? I know we cannot be perfect
while on earth...but prozac and paxil might be a solution while still in the
human body.
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