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I'm new here. Have taken various SSRIs. Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft. I saw someone post and mentioned meters, so I'm guessing some of the posters are not from the States, so drug names may be different where other people are.

I know this is an anti-ssri place, but I must say I have found some of them helpful. But at a cost. Sometimes the bad out weighed the good....paxil. sometimes the good outweighed the bad...zoloft, prozac when I was first on it.

What I hate the most is the withdrawal. Forgetting zoloft one day will make me feel it. Although in the past few weeks Iv'e sometimes missed all my meds (due to a horrible sleep schedule and that affects my med schedule), and haven't noticed it as much.
Not only is there the classic physical withdrawal from zoloft, but if I miss for 2-3 days, I get a return of symptoms. I had the stomach flu a few weeks back and that made me realize this.
Now zoloft doesn't get rid of all OCD symptoms. But it makes it more tolerable. But when I missed meds from being sick for 2 or 3 days, the OCD got horrible fast. It was starting to really interfere with things. I'm sure I looked odd, having to do certain rituals and ocmpulsions in public (nothing obscene or anything, simple things like touching my hands together so many times and what not, but still odd looking none the less).

SSRIs never have done much for my depression. I take wellbutirn now for that, and so far so good I suppose. The real test will be December.

I wish I didn't have to take ssri's...but they make the OCD bearable, and I'm bipolar so my depressions will come and go all my life and I need something.
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